Is Lil Yachty A Mega Star?

For some time now Lil Yachty aka “Lil Boat” has been killing the music scene with singles and features like “One Night”, “Minnesota”, “Broccoli”, “Peekaboo”, “I Spy”, and more. Recently Lil Boat has been catching backlash for his controversial cover to his album “Teenage Emotions” (Pictured Below) and whether or not his album sales make him that big of a star.


When asked about the cover Yachty responded to comments by saying that everyone should believe in their self and be able to do it freely. No matter their race, gender, sexual/social preferences, or whatever. The cover represents all aspects of life. He also commented on speculation about label heads forcing him into the cover choice by saying, “I make my own decisions and ideas. We come up with something and send it to the label. They either okay it or shut it down.”




To go along with the album cover, Yachty did a sit down with Joe Budden & DJ Akademiks on their show “Everyday Struggle”(Full Interview Above). During the interview they discuss the Met Gala, Yachty’s album cover, whether or not Lil Boat controls his own decisions, what type of deal Yatchy signed, and all the other meme worthy greatness including Yachty telling Joe Budden “Chill”.

Fast forward weeks later after the interview and album drops. Joe Budden discussed with Joey Bada$$ during his interview on “Everyday Struggle” on whether or not Yachty is a star. Yachty’s first week numbers for “Teenage Emotion” were charted at 46,000 units. Joe Budden states, “You’re not a megastar when you sell 40,000 records. Im sorry”. Joey Bada$$ gives Yachty some credit by stating he is a megastar now but may not be in two years. Pierre Thomas, CEO of Yachty’s label “Quality Control” had his own thoughts about the discussion. He commented on DJ Akademiks Instagram Post claiming “Yachty made over 13Million in the last 16 months. Who gives a fuck about you niggas opinion”.

Lil_Yachty_cropped Now lets think about this for a minute. 13Million is a whole lot of money. Lets think back 16 months ago. Before Yachty dropped his mixtape and features on a ton of 2017’s hottest tracks. Before the Sprite and Target commercials. Before he modeled for Yeezy. Before a record deal that Yachty isn’t really sure about all the details. This is where it gets very tricky. Lil Boat may have very well brought in 13Million in the last 16 months but did it all come home. He seems like he very much knows good business but not knowing if you’re in a 360 deal is fishy.


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